Speakers and Presentation Titles

Arkun, Yaman, Koc University, Turkey

Complexity and Hierarchies


Bakshi, Bhavik, Ohio State University

Mad Max, Start Trek, Big Brother or Ecotopia: The role of PSE in enabling future scenaria


Biegler, Larry, Carnegie Mellon University

The future of Process Optimization


Braatz, Richard, MIT

Vision of Advanced Manufacturing


Mock, Bill and Rao, Ashok, Aspen Technology Inc.

Asset optimization for the process industries: From data to insights to actions


Doherty, Michael, University of California, Santa Barbara

The Paradigm after Next: 50 Years On


Edgar, Tom, University of Texas, Austin

Manufacturing and the PSE Community:  A critical linkage


Georgakis, Christos, Tufts University

The Internet-of-Things and Process Control – Using real and statistical intelligence 


Grossman, Ignacio, Carnegie Mellon University

New optimization paradigms for Formulation, Solution, Data and Uncertainty Integration, and Results Interpretation


Hasebe, Shinji, Kyoto University, Japan

Design and control of Micro Chemical Processes


Henning, Gabriela, INTEC, and Universidad National del Litoral, Argentina

Process Operations: A roadmap from the present to a hyper-connected future


Hwang, Daehee, Daegu Institute of Science and Technology, Korea

Systems approaches in Biology and Medicine


Joback, Kevin, Molecular Knowledge Systems, Inc.

The personalized Chemical Products Industry in 2040


Kevrekides, Yannis, Princeton University

No equations, no variables, no parameters, no space and no time: Data and the modeling of complex systems


Linninger, Andreas, University of Illinois, Chicago

Mathematical models – conversations between minds and machines


Manousiouthakis, Vasilios, University of California, Los Angeles

PSE as the modern Euryphaessa in guiding humans past Prometheus’ paradigm and the Climate Change tautology


Morari, Manfred, University of Pennsylvania

George’s Impact


Ng, Ka Ming, Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The vista of Chemical Product Design in 2040


Pantelides, Costas, PSE Ltd. and Imperial College

Process Modeling: Where to Next?


Pistikopoulos, Stratos, Texas A&M University

2040 Real-time decision-making under uncertainty: An adventure in Big Data analytics or an opportunity for mathematical programming?


Rawlings, Jim, University of Wisconsin

Process systems engineering in the information age


Realff, Matthew, Georgia Institute of Technology

Bayesian Process Engineering


Reklaitis, Rex, Purdue University

Prospects and challenges for process systems engineering in healthcare


Tanaka, Eiji, Kaiteki Institute, Mitsubishi Chemical Holding Co., Tokyo, Japan

George san, our CTO: His work and legacy at Mitsubishi Chemical, and our vision for the future


Venkatasubramanian, Venkat, Columbia University

The promise of Artificial Intelligence in PSE: Is it here, finally?


Ydstie, Erik, Carnegie Mellon University

Distributed decisions and the adaptive enterprise